What to Do When Your Friends are All Having Kids

If all your friends are having kids, it can feel lonely. You may feel left out, or anxious about the future. As much as they assure you that things won’t change between you, it is inevitable that they will. Maybe you are nervous that they won’t have as much time for you, or that they will find other friends with interests pertaining to their kids. If this is the case, don’t be anxious. Sure, that is easier said than done, but there are avenues to maintain friendships with those who have kids, while also making new friends who share your passions in a safe and inclusive way.

Whether you do not want kids at all, or maybe not soon, dealing with this drastic lifestyle change from almost all your surrounding friends is difficult. It can feel like they are moving in a completely new, and opposite, direction from you. Supporting these friends can feel scary and tedious, causing overwhelming emotions that overtake the fun atmosphere you may have cultivated with these friends. However, there are ways to overcome this.

One way is to branch out and make new friends. While you can maintain friendships with those who have children, making new friends is a great way to branch out. Your friends with kids will probably go through periods when they are extremely busy, meaning you cannot hang out as much as you used to be able to. Making new friends who share your interests and passions is a great way around this. Apps such as Bridge, can help you find people near you who may share in your dilemma and are looking for friends as well.

On top of making new friends, it is important to maintain friendships with your older friends. Respecting that life has changed is the first step. Making plans may seem more challenging, however it is still important. Offer to make plans to help give your friends time to find babysitters to watch their kids. Also, prepare to be flexible. With kids, there may be times you and your friends have planned to hang out for ages and yet nothing works out. While this can feel defeating, it is important to stay calm. Doing something for your friend such as offering to babysit or go to their house is a great way to hang out while making it easier on them. In addition to this, embracing activities that involve their kids can help making it convenient and simple.

Although it feels like a huge life change, there are ways to easily maintain your previous friendships while making new friends. By doing both things, you can embrace new activities that involve your friends and their families while also hanging out with new people in old ways. It is difficult, but you are not alone. Making new friends has never been easier due to apps such as Bridge.

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