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Changing the way, YOU make connections

The main benefit of social media is to provide for a way to connect with each other more easily yet it’s becoming that much tougher for all of us to have the sense of belonging that we all desire. Our mission is to change that. We feel meaningful connections are sparked through real-world meetups and activities and not through the digital versions of ourselves that we need to swipe through. 

We’ve created a platform where you can easily find like-minded people without the hassles and awkwardness of putting yourself out there and figuring out how you’re going to bump into people like you. Think of it as a low-pressure, no-pressure connections way to meet people in your area. 

Surveys have shown that 3 out of every 5 Americans are experiencing loneliness - an astounding 13% rise since 2018.

That is an astounding statistic and one that we desire to reverse. 

We seek to bring people together in real life to enjoy the things they might not want to do alone. So many platforms out there are grabbing your attention via their content, feeds and profiles but we want to “un-gamify” that system and go back to the basics of forming relationships through authentic conversations and enjoying the company of those we meet IRL.

A radical new approach to social media

At Bridge, we believe that what you look like is the least interesting thing about you. The prevailing model of endlessly swiping through a sea of profile pictures does not serve you. That’s why from our onset, we insisted on being anti-swipe and instead we are aiming to connect you to others based on the core of who you are, what you love and what you value. 

We want to pioneer a new kind of social media by enabling you to create the kind of real-life, no-pressure scenario where genuine connections can be made no matter your values, ethnicity, or life-stage. We hope you can be a part of that community and spur us in new direction of what social media is all about. 

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Chief Growth Officers


This app is designed to help you form meaningful platonic connections but ultimately this app is what you make of it!

No, we want to help you find connections in a non-hassle-free way

We have in-app features designed to foster and promote a positive and safe environment

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